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Thursday, February 11, 2010

#Emma_PBS. Did You Loooove It By the End?

Dear readers, it's long over, and this is a much-belated post. But did the conclusion charm you as much as it charmed me? Were you humiliated and uncomfortable on Box Hill or did you wish Knightley had said "badly done, Emma," a little less yelling-ly? Were you totally enamored of the romantic conclusion, or did you miss seeing the scene in which Knightley and Emma sit together and read Frank Churchill's letter (so perfect, and kind of perfectly snarky for our internet age)? Were you deliriously happy that Emma got to see the sea at long last or did you worry along with Professor Dumbledore/Squire Hamley on downers Mr. Woodhouse? And did you agree with my mother when she emailed me with the following words of wisdom:

Thought Emma was FABULOUS... You could really feel the love between her and Knightley!!!!

I had my quibbles, but the whole thing won me over utterly. So much so that Simon and I bought the DVD, in fact, as a mutual Valentine's Day gift. Yay!

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  1. I'm going to go against popular opinion and say that I loved it. *duck* I have a feeling that it will become a DVD on my shelf. Thought Garai was wonderful. She's a real up-and-comer amongst Brit actresses. For the first time on screen I believed in the Knightley/Emma happy ending. Proposal scene was wonderful. Highly Enjoyable.

  2. LOVED it by the end. I saw all the waves of dislike washing over the interwebs when it aired in the UK, and was ready to be underwhelmed, but it's officially skyrocketed to the (near) top of my list of favorites. I basically cannot stop rewatching the "most beloved Emma" scene in the garden. Over. And over. Again.

    It helps that I can't stand Blake Ritson OR Christina Cole, so the fact that they played horse's asses was a delightful plus. But I thought Garai did a charming job of showing Emma maturing as she saw the consequences of her actions over time, and I thought Jonny Lee Miller nailed the concerned-older-brother bit... without making it seem creepy when he fell in love (hard).

    I loved it. And good lord, I am such a sucker for the type of scene in which the man thinks he doesn't stand a chance, and he's feeling indescribably low -- until she speaks. It's one reason why I love the end of Jane Eyre.

    Does that make me a bad person?

  3. You are so not bad at all! Both of those endings are so poignant, and the way JLM portrayed Knightley really made you sympathize with his love and his pain, however repressed. Same with Toby Stephens. His disbelief when Jane Eyre comes back is brilliantly unbearably heartbreaking.

  4. Great questions--there is always a bit of "why did they cut out that scene" and "why did they change that one," and "where's that dialogue from the book" whenever I watch an Austen adaptation. Nevertheless, I fell in love with this one. Brilliant casting, acting, directing, and photography. And gorgeous sets and costumes.

  5. I stake my claim that Blake Ritson would make a most excellent vampire but I guess that works for Mr. Elton who really just wants someone to leach off of. (ugh)
    I enjoy how Garai mellows her Emma out at the end. It works, I think. But then, I'm prejudiced because she's one of my favorite actresses (and she's also best friends with Keira Knightley. Lizzie! Weird)
    I give my full heart to darling dear-hearted JLM and his portrayal of Knightley. I've always had a bit of a crush on JLM but now I'm devoted. Oh yes, oh yes. It seems these slightly older british actors can just nail it- thinking of him and Toby Stephens. I remember watching the Jane Eyre with Stephens. He just took my breath away.
    I wish they'd film other historical novels that haven't been done before but it was definitely a treat to see this one.