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Saturday, February 13, 2010

My revision process--in vlog form!

So here is my first vlog (yes, I'm imitating you, my numerous blogging buddies who have started vlogging in recent weeks/months), wherein I talk about the part of the writing process I'm now in--revisions. So with lots of awkward hair-fussing and eye-rolling, (and no script) I discuss handing out the manuscript to my Beta readers, copy edits, and my favorite part of the process--the adverb hunt! Whee. This is an experiment, so the transitions were abrupt and the whole thing went perhaps a bit too long, but it was soo fun to play with and the editing and filming process will be on its path to perfection the next time I try it.

Oh, and a special shout-out to Simon, whom I omitted in my list of beta readers because I'm a moron and forgot he's really an alpha reader, in that he's always the first person to look at every draft after me.

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