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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Introducing... My WIP. My plans for next year.

As you guys may have noticed, I'm constantly muttering asides about writing conferences and wanting to be a writer. Well as I mentioned a few weeks back, part of my New Year's resolution has been to own my identity as an aspiring novelist more fully, so here come a few announcements for those who care to hear them :)

1-I am writing a novel. It's called "French Lessons" and it's a loose modern re-working of "Persuasion," set in France during the Bush years with a put-together on the outside, confused on the inside young woman as its protagonist. Over the course of a summer backpacking throughout her adopted country with a band of merry expats, Annie has to face some truths about her love life, her future, and the reasons she's left home so far behind. Oh and her two love interests are a roguish French intellectual and an earnest American blogger ;)

2-I am enrolling in an MFA program next year. Right now, it looks very strongly like I'll be attending the well-regarded, and bucolically-situated low-res MFA at VCFA, because it's a top choice of mine and they accepted me! (YAY). What that means is I'll be around as usual and continuing to freelance, but also corresponding with my faculty mentor throughout each semester and attending two intense residencies each year in Montpelier, VT, (right near my favorite ski mountain, Stowe and home to the New England Culinary Institute. Uh-huh).

3-I'm currently in the middle of an umpteenth round of revisions on the aforementioned novel, and I'm hopefully going to describe that process in either a video blog or a post coming up.

And that's all for now. Time to geek out watching the Olympics, the sporting event for nerds.

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  1. WTG on the WIP. I also dream of going to VCFA, so good luck.

  2. What exciting plans you have going on. I love Vermont. I biked across the state in autumn when I was a teenager and fell in love with it. You are so lucky. And you get to write in that kick-ass state. Double lucky. Go you!