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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wherein I Blog Elsewhere (and the Commenters, Alas, are Not Egalitarian Bookworms)

Hi readers! Did you agree with my series of angry posts about Judd Apatow's estrogen-makes-me-cringe fest "Knocked Up?"

Did you enjoy my evisceration of the non-affable, condescending patron ess izing "Becoming Jane?"

If so, check me out on HuffPost, where I made an incisive, thoughtful connection* between these two movies and the SCOTUS partial-birth abortion ban to boot, and all the commenters can says is "but, but, but, Knocked Up is a funny movie. Why be the feminists taking things so seriously?"

*said semi-ironically, of course


  1. Damn, I had no idea that you were so famous! :)

  2. Read your post over there.

    Sorry, but comparing the right to legal first trimester abortions with the right to kill a fully formed fetus in the eight month of pregnancy is seriously misguided on the part of the feminist movement.

    This is where the pro-choice movement looses people like me. My stance on the issue is that I am personally against abortion. For me, pregnancy = baby. However I do not think it is the place of the government to ban the procedure in early pregnancy. I believe in access to birth control, sex education, and a cultural shift to make adoption a more acceptable option when birth control fails.

    However, a BABY at eight months gestation can be born perfectly healthy. No medical intervention needed.

    I think it is foolhardy to let the ideal of pro-choice get in the way of the fact that the majority of Americans are never going to accept a woman's right to partial birth abortion. It's a barbaric practice. It's no different than putting a pillow over the face of a two month old infant.