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Friday, August 10, 2007

LGBT Presidential Forum

It seems that some people thought all the candidates sucked and others thought, in my opinion correctly, that of the three "front-runners" my boy JE kicked the most butt. He was the least defensive and the most on-target of all. In my mind, he's shown more growth than all the others. He's inching so close to being pro gay-marriage that it's easy to see how soon he'll be there. He had the most charisma and warmth and personal comfort of all of them. I thought Obama was a mess; uncomfortable, overly cerebral--I still love the man but I'm disappointed by how he's playing it.

It was really interesting and exciting to watch this forum though. I mean, in a lot of ways this is the new frontier for equality--that and economic stuff. I'd really like to see candidates talk more about problems facing the inner-city but I guess that's not where the donors come from. That's why JE's stance on povery attracts me so much. Anyway, enough blathering for now. I have to go back to looking out my window upon the dirty, rainy streetscape below.

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  1. no_slappz3:47 PM


    You should face the political facts. Hillary Clinton WILL become the Democratic Party nominee UNLESS she commits a felony before the Democratic convention.

    The run for the Democratic nomination was over before it started.

    Only if tragedy strikes will another Democratic hopeful find himself with top billing on the Democratic ticket.

    Meanwhile, John Edwards is the former Breck Girl who has siphoned many millions of dollars out of the insurance industry. He is the LAST person on Earth who would want to see the caboose of the gravy-train of medical malpractice lawsuits pass by.

    Government healthcare would put more money in the hands of personal-injury attorneys than any other option imaginable.