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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's a Rainy, Rainy Day and I'm Just Hatin' on the Mediaocracy

And I haven't posted to this blog in like, forever. Can you blame me, fearless readers? It's so prematurely dingy out there. And the news has been so damn depressing: hurricanes, mine collapses, the gov't spying on us, deadly bombings in Iraq etc. etc. Who wants to blog lightheartedly, or do anything lightheartedly for that matter?

But the time has come for action, and so I vow to return to thee, readership. My biggest plan is to renew the original purpose of this website thingy and do some verified book-bloggin--as my groovy LibraryThing sidebar suggests, I've read a whole bunch of classy novelskis since I spent time in Italia, and not a single one have I blogged. So I'm going to try to work back up to A Moveable Feast, which I just finished this morning. In the meantimes, check out this last-week HuffPo blog post about the MSM and news embargoes--we all know that I was incensed when the Times pre-reviewed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows despite Scholastic's wishes. Apparently, the Grey Lady wasn't ready to take that same firm stand against the White House when it came to taxation.

Choice egalitarian tidbit:
In the former case, with nothing of major import on the line, two big newspapers had no trouble breaking agreements and getting their hands on an unreleased novel--it was all in pursuit of The News, after all! Yet when it came to a topic that mattered to millions of Americans--and affected them in the pocketbook region--similar newspapers steadfastly hewed to the gentlemen's agreement they made, taking no pains to subject the tax plan to even the slightest scrutiny.
Sigh. It's going to take a long long long ass-time to wash away the sins of our "objective" press.

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