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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crocs Talk

fellow-ette: did you hear what happened to my CROCS today?
the ones i got wichu and [fellow-ette's boyfriend]?

fellow-ette's brother: no what happened?
i haven't checked the crocs message board yet
didnt hear
me: hahaha
i was going up an escalator
and it smooshed the front of my shoes
or one shoe
and it got stuck
10:37 PM so i pulled my foot out
and half the croc stayed in the escalator
the whole front got ripped out
10:38 PM it was sad!!!
10:40 PM bro: thak god you're okay
did your foot get pulled towards the escalator as well;
that is so scary
10:42 PM me: yeah i thought i might break a toe
it's lucky the shoes were so soft
they just ripped instead of hurting me
bro: be careful puhleaseeee!
10:43 PM lucky there was no strap on top or something
did it catch as soon as u got on?
could u still see it or was it sucked in?
10:45 PM me: it was on the way off
and no, the escalator just kept going

Yes, readers dear... that is the story of my continuing shoe saga. I finally find a pair of comfy, nice shoes I actually like, and they get mauled by an escalator. And this was within an hour of a business appointment, so I had to buy a pair of ultra-reduced Steve Madden flats off the clearance rack and they made me feel like I understood the pain of Chinese foot-binding. Ow!! Why are shoes so oppressive?

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