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Thursday, May 10, 2007

NYT Styles Tackles Forever 21 (my favoritest store!)

What I love about Forever 21, and maybe this is just capitalist self-justifying, is that it reveals triends for exactly what they really are--cheap, silly, throwaway moments. Plus, it's equal-opportunity fashion--it lets gals with limited wallets look as groovy, or more often than not, as utterly ridiculous, as heiresses do.

Whereas trendy clothes at Urban Outfitters and high-end boutiques on Third Avenue might set you back hundreds of bucks, or at least 50, at Forever 21, you can experiment with, say, the recent "pinafore look" (eww, saith I) for 20 bucks or so and then toss the thing on the trash heap when the look goes out.

Today the Times writes an amusing feature about the Forever 21 phenomenon, touching on how chaotic and dirty the NY branches are, and then describing the way designers are fuming that F-21 is ripping off their ideas. Boo-hoo, poor Diane Van Furstenberg. My heart bleeds for thee.

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