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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nights of Rain and Stars

What can a gal say about reading mother Maeve? I devoured this treat during the course of a two hour train ride up the mighty Hudson, and I was close to bawling from page five right til the end. The book is about children and parents not understanding each other, channeled through a group of wayward souls who meet up in an island town in Greece. All of our band of travellers have lost touch or quarreled with their parents or kids (or in one case, lover) and put miles and miles of distance between themselves and Home. As they drink tons of greek Ouzo and feast on tomatoes and feta, a tragedy strikes and they all have to confront stuff- like, you know, Life and What It All Means. Simplistic, yes. A cliche, perhaps. But I find something so god damn genuine and touching about Binchy's infinite wisdom and compassion for the whole fucking human race that I lose it every time I read one of her books. She is a wonderful woman and a wise writer. And I look forward to the next time I can get lost in her world of words for a few sacred hours.

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