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Friday, May 04, 2007

Bush-Bashing Roundup: War is Not Pro-Life, the French Don't Suck, etc. etc.

From the Times,
In a two-page letter sent to the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Mr. Bush said his veto threat would apply to any measures that “allow taxpayer dollars to be used for the destruction of human life.”
Ahahahahahaha. That's a good one! Bush doesn't want us funding murder. Of course not. Those thinking, feeling blobs of cells inside women's bodies have absolutely nothing to do with how our Prez used taxpayer dolars to execute 152 inmates in Texas while he was governor, and how now that he's the "commander guy," he's essentially caused the death of over 3,362 soldiers, and over 65,000 grown men women and children civilians in Iraq.
Republicans: pro-war, pro-death Ahh, the thorny forest of empty rhetoric.

In a similar vein (i.e. the hypocrisy of the right wing), the "kinda sexist but makes good points" Bill Maher slams one out of the park in his analysis of the ineffable French and why on earth it's political suicide to like them. Here are some choice moments.

The American ideas of individuality, religious tolerance and freedom of speech came directly out of the French Enlightenment -- but, shhh, don't tell Alabama. Voltaire wrote "men are born equal" before Jefferson was wise enough to steal it.


Maybe the high [voting] turnout has something to do with the fact that the French candidates are never asked where they stand on evolution, prayer in school, abortion, stem cell research or gay marriage. And if the candidate knows about a character in a book other than Jesus, it's not a drawback.

Thank you Bill Maher. As someone who is both endlessly fascinated and frustrated by La Vie Francaise, it's nice to see someone put our amies across the pond's finer qualities in such nice, down home American terms. Extra bonus points for you for the Voltaire reference!

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