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Friday, October 27, 2006

Literary Ponderings, Sexual "Deviance" Edition...

Marriage for One, Marriage for All!

Fellow-ette is so, so, sick of the gay marriage "controversy" being one. It's a travesty that people live among us without the basic rights we all take for granted and our voices aren't raised louder in protest. When a court decides it can't deny those rights (good!), and our society then raises a giant hullaballoo (bad!), I want to throw my shoes at the newscasters who blab and blab about it--even harder than I frequently throw them at the principal characters in Studio Shitty on the Sunset Strip.
But don't worry, a crew of asinine Democrats will doutless get up on their podiums in two-thousand-fucking eight and say "I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman" while obviously swallowing their tongues.
And as for their we need any more proof that Republicans are, basically, evil?

Lady Chatterly Takes an Amoureaux
The French have made their own version of Lawrence's Lady Chatterly's Lover.... a novel which was at first controversial because of its expcicit material, then later because many find it boring and stilted. But the movie doesn't seek its thrills through explicit sex, but rather to capture the essence of Lawrence's material, whatever that was.

Filmmaker Pascale Ferran, (incidentally, a woman, and very much acclaimed) tells the Herald Tribune: "I felt joyous while making this film. But I also think that, as Lawrence said, ours is a tragic age, and that death - tragedy - is never far away, which is why we should love life. 'Lady Chatterley' is a declaration of joy."

Sounds good to me, as long as there's a little bodice-ripping. As for Lawrence's novels, the only one I've ever ventured is Sons and Lovers, which was so creepily Freudian and intense that the then 16-year old Fellow-ette decided to move on to greener pastures. I think Lady Chat is going to have to go back on my list, though, so I can try to catch this film when it comes stateside.

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