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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

About Me

I am: Sarah Marian Seltzer, a freelance writer and book critic from NYC, a slightly damaged product of the Ivy League and its deranged prep-school feeder-culture, and a very lapsed reform Jew.

I'm a unabashed lover of hefty Victorian novels, sophisticated chick- lit, feminism, and independent media. My brief tenure as an urban schoolmistress got me passionate about blogging and education reform (and garnered me the name fellow-ette-- I was a teaching fellow).

Other guilty pleasures include comfortable shoes with which to stalk city streets, anything green tea-flavored, and frozen desserts. Well, just desserts in general.

In addition to indulging my literary fetish in an egalitarian manner, this blog is also all about dissecting mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, which at times (get it, times?) falls short of being the paper of record it could be, reviewing pop culture high and low, and anything and everything Bronte and Austen.

You can check out more of my writing here.

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