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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Close-bosomed friend of the maturing sun....

A picture which I did NOT take, alas.

So, readers fair, despite the strong nip in the air and our resultant urges to hibernate, Autumn in all its mists and mellow fruitfulness... has yet to sweep in and "blessent mon couer/D'une langueur/Monotone",'s actually not here yet. I ventured out yesterday with my film-loaded camera to capture some beauty across the Hudson on the Palisades. But aside from one yellow tree in Ft. Tryon park, everything was still just "this side" of green ... and Central Park is as verdant as can be. Apparently, further north, the foliage is spectacular, so one can only hope that soon enough the man-made pockets of natural wealth here in NYC will burst aflame as they lose their chlorophyll. And I will be there to capture it with the nice camera mom and pops got me for my high school graduation (many years ago), which I used to capture spring on my former stomping grounds.

Trollope Follow-up

On another note, I'm lingering around page 400 of The Way We Live Now. It's slow going. I really want to be over and done with it so I can read Lisey's Story this weekend and move on to something new next week, but I'm not even half-way through yet. Yes, 800-page ninetheenth-century tomes take a while. But the problem (and the genius) of Trollope is his social analysis is so sharp and cutting that there's no one I really identify with in the story enough for me to be invested thoroughly in its outcome. Unlike Eliot and Austen, who expose their characters' flaws and still render them endearing, Trollope reveals a society where the good people are weak and boring, the evil ones diffident and rude---and everyone is clearly about to lose all their money, the prospect of which affords the book's greatest pleasure! Anyway, one must keep on keepin' on... there's surely some intrigue ahead.

And for Fun....
gawk at these appalling magazine covers. Pretty horrendous.

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