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Monday, June 22, 2009

Visual Evidence of my Vacation Activities

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Like I said, I spent the week getting sunburned (even though the weather was cold) and reading Moby Dick, which was even more appropriate to being on Nantucket than I realized. Here is visual evidence of both. Oh, I also read Olive Kittredge and the first Sookie Stackhouse novel, and I will tell you all about them forthwith (I still owe you a review of Pamela).

I am 100 pages from the end of Melville's sea-epic. Any others out there waded into those heady prose-waters?


  1. I noticed that you were reading Moby Dick earlier and meant to give it another could I with Sackie Stackhouse mysteries abounding?

  2. As a fair skinned person the sight of your sunburn made me cringe.

    A paperback of Moby Dick has sat on my massive tbr pile for at least 5+ years. And it's still sitting there. Waiting.