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Friday, June 12, 2009

Non-Literary Question of the Weekend: Mountains or Beach?

(me in the alps and the NE canadian beach, respectively, vacations past)

I'm off to the misty New England shore for a week, and posting will be light. I leave you with the following question: if you had to take a vacation by the mountains or the shore, which would you choose (or is it an impossible question)? When I was a kid it was the beach all the way. But wheni was a teenager and longing for excitement and drama and adrenaline, I would have picked the mountains in a second--the snowier and lake-ier the better.

Now that I'm a working woman, the soothing quality of the beach has a renewed appeal. It would be very hard to decide.

Have a great week, readers!


  1. Not difficult for me - I have come to realize that I'm (a) a sea level person and (b) a 20 degree Celsius person. The farther I stray from those two measurements, the less comfortable I am. It's a good thing I live on Vancouver Island, but a misty New England shore also sounds just fine.

  2. One more thing - Before you go, if you want to get into the mood, you might check out Poetikat's blog - she's featuring a Barra MacNeil video that will whet your appetite -

  3. Barring my time away at uni, I've always lived within 5 minutes of the ocean, and I'd still take the beach over the mountains - although I am very willing to acknowledge I haven't spent much time in mountains!

    Ideally, though, I wouldn't just be choosing the beach - I'd be choosing the boat. Rain or sun, I looove to sail.

  4. It's the beach then, now and forever, all the way! The mountains might as well not exist at all, as far as I'm concerned!
    Have a great time!

  5. I've never been to the mountains, but I don't have much interest in going, honestly. The beach for me!