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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from the beaches...

(Welcome to my new subscribers, tweeps, friend-feeders, well-wishers and ill-wishers.)

While I was away getting sunburned and slogging through Moby Dick, two of my literary articles were published, and here they are. The first is an overview of women's fiction, memoir, biography and non-fiction, while the second is an analysis of several feminist books. I alluded to this upcoming project earlier this year :)

COVER STORY: Women's Writing Fires Up Summer Reading Lists
This year's literary output by women offers plenty of heft for the summer tote bags. From sensational memoirs to serious sociology, check out what women are writing about and the prizes they've been snapping up so far in 2009...
from Women's eNews -
New Feminist Books Offer Multifaceted Critique of Culture Wars
This spring and summer have been remarkable ones for books about sex, gender and reproduction -- the avid women's issues reader has been up to her ears in provocative feminist tomes. What's amazing about the books discussed below is not just the powerful arguments they make individually, but the way they together paint a complete picture of our culture wars at home and abroad...
from Reproductive Health | - Information, News, An -

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