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Friday, June 05, 2009

Link-o-rama: Women Authors Kickin' Butt, Jane and Toni

Welcome, new followers! Thanks for hopping on board the EBC train.

Some morning notices:

Mags at Austenblog issues the long-awaited review of "Jane's Fame" a comprehensive history of Jane Austen readers, scholars, appreciators and more. While Mags thinks the author, Claire Harman, is a bit snooty towards the modern-day fandom, she appreciates all the new information laced throughout the book.

Anna at Isak gets the skinny on the Toni Morrison censhorpship kerfluffle (my new favorite word) that is circulating throughout the book-o-sphere, rightly calling out the idiots in the Michigan school that chose to censor the Nobel-prize winner and Great American novelist Morrison.

But while we celebrate these storied female writers, we might well ask, what the hell is this category they loosely call women's fiction? This is always a tough one for me. Anna at Jezebel responds to the question circulating the interwebs.

All of these posts are wittier than I could be on such a dreary morn.

But if you hanker for more fellow-ette, here's a post by me at Bitch magazine's blog, kicking of their biblio-bitch segment with a few remainders from my previous PW Q+A with literary novelist Kate Walbert.

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