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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon De-Lurk

To my regular, but oft-silent readers: leave a comment! What books are you reading right now, and/or what book do you want to read when your life next allows you the leisure?
Or, if there are any websites or magazines you're reading obsessively instead to check poll numbers and punditocracy, what are they?

I'm reading The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. It's quite creepy and very long, so it will be a while before I can review it. Meanwhile, my websites du jour are, talking points memo and then the entire lefty blogosphere.


  1. I'm reading The Heart is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers and am actually enjoying it this time--now that no one is forcing me to write a paper on it.

  2. I'm re-reading Mary Karr's Liar's Club in spurts--and again The Glass Castle. Also--all that lefty web stuff as well. Somewhat glued to MSNBC and CNN. Having an election party, so am hoping to celebrate--but I don't want to jinx it.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    i am re-reading an awesome novel called "french lessons." look for it on shelves in '09!

  4. M. Twist2:53 PM

    I have been "reading" 'Atmospheric Disturbances' by Rivka Galchen for several months, but it is kinda boring so right now it is being used as a laptop tray! Next on the list will be anything by Garrett Graff (First Blogger in the White House(c)) -- and I mean ANYTHING.

  5. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I'm reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. It took about 70 pages to really get into it, but I think I'm going to wind up enjoying it.

    I'm also spending a ridiculous amount of time on the National Novel Writing Month website, as I'll be attempting to do a novel in November for the 4th time.

  6. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I'm reading Dreaming of Hitler, a collection of personal essays. I'm also reading the paper obsessively.Dawn Marlan

  7. Hmm, I started The Historian around this time lat year, and was enjoying it, but got sidetracked (and discouraged by the length) and haven't picked it up again. I should...

    Well, in the past few days I've finished 3 Cups of Tea, Northanger Abbey, and Harry Potter #4. Technically the only book I'm "involved" with right now is Big Stone Gap, but I'm about to start HP#5 and Mrs. Warren's Profession this weekend.

  8. Ooh, that's one of my favourite books. Enjoy it! Right now I'm reading A New World Order by Anne-Marie Slaughter. I have a humongo list of books on my to-read list. I mean, over thirty pages in Word humongo. I don't think I can read them all in one lifetime.

  9. Wow, this goes to show you what husslin', as Jay-Z would put it, can do for a comments thread... thanks all!

    Wendy, I think that might have just vaulted to #1 on my list of post-election reads. I'm embarassed I haven't read any McCullers.

    Judy, I feel you on the lefty blogosphere. It's addictive.

    Anon #1, you are a good soul.

    Twist,your love for Garrett Graff boggles the mind :)

    Feminist blog project: OMG I am doing national novel writing project too, I think (I hope!) I will be posting about that soon, if I decide to go through with it.

    Dawn, thanks for commenting, my fave literary correspondent.

    Janefan I seriously miss your blog. Come back! And Judith, yours is one of my new faves.


  10. i just checked out bryson's a short history of nearly everything from the library - love that book, it's big, but i have a 20 hr flight awaiting me in a coupla weeks :)

  11. Let's see...I'm reading a few weeks' worth of The New Yorker and The NYT Magazine section, a fairly dull biography of a long-dead Yankee executive and, um, my thrilling civil procedure casebook.

    One of these days I'll move on to some more exciting fiction but that might have to wait until fall break.

  12. I'll delurk to say that I could not get into The Historian. And I tried pretty hard. I'm currently reading The Town that Forgot How to Breathe by Kenneth J. Harvey. Just finished the delightful Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

  13. I just finished reading Neil Gaiman's "Graveyard Book"--I love his stuff! Coraline was creepier though... in a good way...

  14. These days, I'm reading whatever's on the syllabus. But in November, I'll also be reading Crowdsourcing, by Jeff Howe, for my job.

  15. Now that I am done with my law school apps... I can post here. Haha. I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera! And next on the list is Grapes of Wrath.