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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOTR Remixes

So my next book review is going to be a long one on the experience of re-watching all three LOTR extended edition DVDS and then re-reading the entire LOTR saga. I finished ROTK about ten days ago, completing the epic adventure!

This is a project whose seed was sown on a dark, dark, August night, when Sarah Palin gave her Sauron-esque acceptance speech and I was all like "I'm craving some good defeating evil right now." But since I'm on deadline, and it's rainy, I thought I'd give you some silliness and cheesy, ridiculous, internetz lols instead. Here are two LOTR viral remixes; be warned, they're catchier than you think...

(see for more of this one)

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  1. *sighs happily*

    I'm about to watch the videos but I had to comment generally on the re-watching/reading. It's a saga I always put down for a year or so, put down, and then am blown away by. It's just so powerful. Especially Tolkien's words, he just laces every line with meaning and then when you see it on the screen every moment has this significance... it's nice feeling like there really is good vs. evil for a while, and that memory and history and all those good elfy liberal arts things can win out after all.