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Friday, October 03, 2008

Come on Be A Follower!

A few updates from fellow-ette land.

I'd just be so tickled (if you have a blogger account) if you'd become a follower of my blog. I'll follow yours! It can be like middle school! All followers, and all miserable.

Also, if you have a chance, check out my new website design: I did it myself using basic (basic basic basic) html, but I think it looks rather nice.

And if you miss my ramblin' and rantin' about politics on this blog, here's a roundup of my recent published work on the subject.

The freelance writer-cum-educator life is killing me right now. At the moment, I'm stressing out about the following stories:

  • local news story on school overcrowding (this may be the most complex of all. Seriously--school rezoning?)
  • several profiles of female leaders including some biggish names
  • A political piece on election ads relating to reproductive rights
  • A book review of a long, depressing book that is headed towards an unhappy ending :(
  • A slew of new students, out of the blue!

These are all reasons to give me some love!! Comment, and be included in my new comment widget. Follow me, and be included in my new follower widget.

Or ignore me while I type my poor fingers to the bone. That's aight too.

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  1. I'm now stalking, er, following you!