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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bruce Rocks for Change, 10.2.08

So almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about a Springsteen concert I attended at MSG, during the kickoff leg of the Magic tour. I saw the Boss again at Giants stadium this July, and the E-Street Band's show had changed a bit in the ensuing months, gotten looser, longer, and more hopeful. This led me to anticipate that once the E-Street band hung up its amps, guitars, and so on, the Boss might hit the trail for Obama.

I was right! Today my man and I went all the way down to Philly to volunteer for Obama and to see the Boss headline an awesome rally for Change. It was truly spectacular, moving and inspirational. when Bruce goes acoustic, the poetry of his words is so apparent, and he picked really hauntingly poetic songs: "The Ghost of Tom Joad," "No Surrender," "Thunder Road," among them. Then he finished off with "This Land Is Your Land," a tribute to Woodie Guthrie, which I found so moving in its simplicity and given the history of the song as a "people's national anthem."

The only downside is that now I am so fatigued that I can barely move, and I still have my long list of assignments to work on before the Day of Atonement hits my Jewy ass. Oy. But it was so worth it.

Enjoy this clip taken today of Bruce's long, long, long, but really great speech followed by "The Rising."


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