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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Youtube Debate

Finally, a non-harry potter related post! Ah, but normalcy sucks. A pox on thee, reality.

I thought I'd add my quick two cents since everyone's going gaga over the shiny new format wherin user-submitted questions ere uploaded onto the webby-web and played for all of our, and the candidates', delight. I have to say, I found it more engaging than the usual format and I enjoyed the off-the cuff answers some of the candidates were forced to give.

I'm still an Edwards gal, even though his "personal position" on gay marriage is dubious, he's way more honest than anyone else, and I like the fact that he has said very clearly that he would not let his personal/religious views interfere in any way with his decisions should he become president. I love his righteous anger about healthcare, I like his focus on poverty that seems to have so many pundits baffled ("but he's not poor! how could he care about poverty? I'm so confuuused.") and I will vote for him as long as I think he has a fighting chance.

Hillary Clinton, once my idol, then an object of my scorn, now somewhere in between, is just in her element during these things. She's calm, she positions herself as a uniter, not a divider, and she sounds like an expert and unsurprised at any questions that pop up. I don't trust her to hold fast to a left-wing ideology but I admire her, I have to say.

As for the rest: I am tired of Obama managing to say so little about what he's actually going to DO, I adore Kucinich and think everything he says is right and I'm sorry he's not taken seriously, and Joe Biden had the line of the night, which I will embed below here. Watch the question and then gloss over Richardson's pat answer to hear Biden speak. the. truth.

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  1. You know, Bobby Kennedy was wealthy too. Did that make his concern about poverty in America less real?
    Hillary's shout-out to Gore's 2000 victory was a great moment too.

    And hats off to Mike Gravel for his long-ago filibuster for the end of the draft - and for understanding the true meaning of that question which was not whether women can serve as well as men, but whether anyone should be forced to register with Selective Service.