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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh Lord, A Literary Scandal!

I don't even know how to begin with this one. I've spent the morning recuping from a night that involved two extremely potent margaritas and one not-so-potent viewing of "Who's Your Caddy?" (yep, you read right). I think my body has lost all ability to process alcohol-- a far cry from my seven jameson-and sodas-are-nothing days of living in Galways, Ireland.

Anyway, there's no better way to nurse a hangover than with gossip blogs--and my persual of the Gawk led me to a bona fide literary scandal! Apparently a famous writer's less famous wife had left him to join the steady harem of some sort of billionaire mogul! The best part of the Gawker post was that there was a picture of uber-lit-couple Ayelet ("I love my husband more than my kids") Waldman and Michael ("I write books with longish retro titles") Chabon. And the commenters jumped on the possibility that there might be trouble in paradise--either with them or a legion of other hot scribbling-couples.

Then it turned out it weren't nobody who be mad hip yo, and living in Brooklyn--it was Tallahassee couple Elizabeth Dewberry and Robert Butler, neither of whom I am well acquainted with. But nevertheless, the e-mail he sent relating the demise of their union is a prime example of how a lot of writers are creative and eccentric geniuses BATSHIT INSANE. Do scroll through the comments, they are hilarious (Gawker commenters are much better than writers, IMO).

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