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Monday, July 16, 2007

In Defense of Crocs

That's my shoe!

The NYT has one of its usual silly wishy-washy articles, this time about Crocs: "some people reeeally like em, some totally don't" seems to be the thesis. Well, let me say, readers dear, that I am firmly on the pro-Crocs side of things. And the fact that they are so popular is less about the shoes' goofy aesthetics and more about people who don't want their goddamn feet to hurt all the time. It's a revolution! Fuck you, fashion-industry-of-pain.

Ad I will add that on my European sojourn, I noticed more than a few Crocs on the feet of non-Americans in swanky locales, proving that the appeal is spreading.

Also once more, I point out to my audience that the Crocs co. has come up with some very appealing styles for the more self-conscious feet in the crowd. Check them out at and down with the haters!

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