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Monday, July 09, 2007

More NYTimes Hating

Read my favorite blogger of conscience who omits pop culture references, Glenn Greenwald, breaking down the latest scandale at the Grey Lady.

Basically, our nation's finest reporters are doing the same thing re: "Al-Quaeda" in Iraq (really a small, independent organization with few if any links to Osama) that they were with "WMDs" in Iraq--i.e. swallowing the party line, hook and sinler, without that whole speaking truth to power thing. Bummer.

BTdubs, I'm sorry for turning my blog into a link farm of late, but egalitarian bookworm friends, it's fucking hot in NYC and I want to go back to Europe and immerse myself in old-fashioned aesthetics and xenophobia. Not to mention delicious ham and cheese permutations. C'est triste.

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