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Friday, July 06, 2007

Calling All Jane Fans and Fanatics

There's a new issue of the JASNA journal, Persuasions on-line, devoted to the 2005 P&P film, affectionately dubbed "Pride and Prejudice and Love, Actually" by yours truly.

One might want to skim, scan, peruse, glance at or deeply study the articles contained therein, which are academic in form--but we won't hold that against them since they're pretty interesting

On the same vein, my sig other and I are in the midst of re-watching the 1995 A&E miniseries and we keep on pausing it to talk about how much better it is than the lovely but somewhat silly 2005 mush-fest that has provided so much fodder for Jane-ites' intellects. It really portrays Lizzy and Darcy as deeply flawed individuals in the beginning, which makes their transformations all the richer.

Enjoy the brain-romp!

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