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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cultural Consumption Diaries, Part 1.

The New Bond:

Muscular, hulking, brooding and tortured. Daniel Craig's James Bond is, according to me (despite being a Bond virgin before "Casino Royale"), my brother, and my boyfriend (both experts), the best Bond, like, ever. And there's much to be said about the film itself, from its brutal action sequences to high-stakes poker games, but I'll leave it to the critics. A human, cruel, caustic Bond with depth
and baby blues? Yes, please, I'll take it. Shaken, stirred, like Craig, I don't give a damn.

Ludacris on SNL:

The man's a great comedian (check out his "hype man to the stars" where he punctuates Streisand, Louis Armstrong, and more with signature "yo, at's right!"s and "that ass!"es) but the material's still weak. Come on, staff writers, pull it together!

Manet at MOMA:

So MOMA's started going buck-wild by featuring artiste's who are too pre-modern (or early modern, if you will) to be part of the collection permanente-- started this summer with their Cezanne/Pisarro exhibit and continued with their display of Manet canvasses related to a very political, and very apropos, topic--namely the occupation of a country by a Western regime and its consequences: "The Execution of Maximillian" a puppet governor sent by France to Mexico.
Spun by the permanents afterwards, feasted our eyes on Pablo's dames from Avignon, Kandinsky's expressions, and Mondrian geometry. In the Duchamp room, and older couple was heard exclaiming "WHAT?". It was so da-da.

Movie Trailers

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix": What can one say but OMG OMG OMG! Pant pant pant huff huff ... squeeeeeaaal!

"The Holiday": Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet seem awfully cute in this. But why isn't there more being written ab
out how this movie's premise is a rip-off of Tara Road, Maeve Binchy's best novel, which takes the whole house-swapping England/America thing to a much deeper level? Still, can't wait to see it. And Jack Black's a romantic lead? swoon. I love it.

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