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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn (AKA Strider, AKA Elessar) Owns a Publishing House?

"You said that you would give yourself to me, forsaking the eternal life of your people... Arwen!"

A Elbereth! Today the Times's Maslin (EB chick looves her articles) writes a charming feature about the bizarre indie sensibilites of Viggo Mortensen, who runs a tiny publishing house called Perceval Press. Perceval publishes photo essays, Spanish language textbooks, and fiction reimagined, all shot through with hip subversive revolutionary sentiment. Many of them are even books by Viggo himself.

A tidibit of yummy prose:
“I Forget You for Ever” is another of Mr. Mortensen’s eerily abstract photo essays, with haunting images that are titled in cryptic, oblique fashion. One street scene, “Arieto,” is named for the barely visible label glimpsed on a broken record. Less subtly named are pictures of foreign cities entitled “Bomb This,” intended as a form of deterrent.

The Return of the King, Indeed.

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