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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Britney and Kevin hit tha rocks, y'all...

The Spears/Federline liason, subject to such great scrutiny, and subject of so much heartwrenching pop and bad rap music, is finis. It's up on, folks, and it's officially the saddest, saddest day, like, ever, for fans of America's everycouple.

On another quasi-feminist note, I hate the media's constant focus on Brit's body and shlumpiness. She's a manufactured pop star, worked to death from a young age, who at last decided to live her life and relax and stop working so damn hard...and the public was outraged. Personally, I loved the cheeseburgers, the hoodies, the ratty hair. Sure she could have chosen a less thuggish husband, but if going for bad boys is an indication of a serious problem... I leave that thought unfinished.

So yes, I'm glad Brit's a free woman, I look forward to more bad Federline rap songs, and I hope that Britney takes life by the reins and works on her happiness as much as, and preferably more than, she works on her abs. But in our society, fat chance.

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