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Monday, July 26, 2010

To e-read or not to e-read?

After spending yesterday morning setting up my dad's nook, I'm seriously considering springing for one myself. I read so much, quickly and efficiently for work and now for school, and my bookshelf at home is literally overrun by piles and piles of books just spilling out of every crack and tottering dangerously in various stacks, that it seems logical. Plus, the price just dropped. Are any of you kindle or nook users and if so, what is your advice?

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  1. Kindle! For the larger selection of books and interoperability with that other tablet device in your household.

  2. Since you've already got a nook "in the family," you might want to stick with it so that you and Dad can lend books back and forth; unless of course you have completely uncomplementary reading preferences. ;-)

    They're both good devices. Kindle has more and cheaper books; Nook preserves a little more of the in-store buying experience, if that is attractive to you. Kindle is slightly lighter, Nook slightly smaller. I believe both have iPad/iPhone apps.

    If pushed, I'd pick the Nook because of the possibility of buying DRMed epub books from other stores and having them work. You can only "sideload" unDRMed work to Kindle.

    There are lots of smaller companies producing interesting readers, if you like to hack or play with your reader. If you want to download and be done with it, stick to the big two.