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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Call for Austen Mash-ups!

Salon's Laura Miller has had enough. She wants our suggestions, at Open Salon, on how we can use mash-up format to bring Austen's superior understanding of relationships and human nature to liven up action and horror genres, instead of vice versa. Saith she (among many other witty quips):

Surely action movies, as well as horror films, could benefit from an injection of Austenian wit, social satire, moral insight and depth of characterization? Because, let's face it: Too much of popular entertainment relies on fight scenes to gin up "excitement," and the dirty little secret is that, for a lot of us, the never-ending parade of fisticuffs, martial arts and car chases gets pretty dull.
My suggestion? "Inception 2: Pride and Inception". Instead of dodging endless, extremely boring dream-projections with machine guns, our crack team of dream infiltrators must weasel their way past a wit and social-status bearing army of scheming Lady Catherine and insinuating Caroline Bingley types in order to reach the Darcy at the center of the subconscious.

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