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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crowdsourcing: Help Us Choose Our Honeymoon Books!

Simon and I are headed off across the pond for a delayed honeymoon, and we're agonizing over which books to bring. I'm definitely bringing "The Hunger Games" and we're thinking of bringing "Cold Comfort Farm" to share, but what else? We need books that are fun with a little bit of meat, great for the beach or the train but not something you can finish in three or four hours...and we've both been reading a lot of very dark stuff and will be when we return. so no thank you on that.

Please help us out with your summer read suggestions.

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  1. Cold Comfort Farm is Hilarious. Especially if you've read D.H. Lawrence which I'm assuming you both have.
    What about a Jeeves and Wooster book/books? Bertie Wooster has deep insights at times despite his general silliness and Jeff and I adore those books.
    "Gaudy Night" by Dorothy Sayers is a great mystery with lots of interesting moral questions going on (though mebbe you've read it!)

  2. Haha Wooster and Jeeves is EXACTLY the type of thing we're looking for. Simon has read a ton of them but you've given me the bright idea to bring one for myself.

    What do you think about Barchester towers? Fun or a "project"?

  3. I suppose it's what your idea of fun is. I another to feel that way. "The Warden" is okay but "Barchester Towers" just Is fun. I can't wait to see what you think of the Countess and of Mr. Slope. And of Mrs. Proudie, of course. And of Archdeacon Grantly and...ahem. Okay, okay, I think you'd find it fun too! Trollope writes kindly about people. Even when they're awful, he'll say really sweet things about them. Okay, yes, I just typed myself into this! Barchester Towers is a relaxing happy read.

  4. I *don't expect* another to feel that way. Oops!

  5. Do you know of a role model for me, based on what you know of me? After a gut-wrench of a week, it's coming together that I want to try again at writing prose.

    Made a list of "thinks I know", from photography to impatience, down a page of my notebook. My roots are working-class. I will read more of Lawrence and Camus, but I'm hoping to find someone contemporary to.. emulate.

    Can you point the way?

    Thank you

  6. You'll most likely blast through the Hunger Games in an afternoon... bring the sequel, Catching Fire, as well! I think the third book (Mockingjay) comes out in late August.

    Trying to think of good recommendations, but it's late and my brain is fried from grading essays! I'll see if I get my intellect back in the morning. :)