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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dead in the Family

A review via gchat with my new sister-in-law, the queen of Egalitarian Bookworms. To give you some background; this book deals with all sorts of family issues, from Eric's maker to Sam's mom to Bill's "sister" to Sookie's little cousin, who has the same "disability" that she does... and the fairy war that wreaked so much havoc on the characters in the last book has just come to a bloody end. This is probably the last part of this post you'll understand.


me: Did you also feel like it was a little disappointing?
5:12 PM Molly: Yeah well it was a lot of buildup and then only like one thing got resolved
THere was so much talk about all the vamp politics, and then nothing happened with that - I wish it had!
5:13 PM It felt like a lot of it was preamble for the next book like calm before the storn
me: yes i agree
a bit of treading water
5:14 PM also the sookie and Eric relationship went nowhere
and some more fairies showed up
5:15 PM like cleaning up the detritus from the last book
that being said i obviously read the entire thing in a few hours
5:16 PM Molly: yeah exactly
hahah me too
5:17 PM yeah it seemed like the bridge between last book and the next
even like all that time dealing with sookie's emotional/sexual aftermath of the fairy attack
5:18 PM also the first half of the book had a lot of like... i think i'll eat some biscuits and gravy. i think i'll sit in the sun and make a phone call.
which i like normally but it was a little unbalanced in this one
5:19 PM me: yeah and then the second half shit got too crazy
i was telling the guys last night during true blood that what makes the books better is the mixed pacing
a little small town life
a little vampire nutso stuff
Molly: yeah def
me: I wonder what the next one will be called
and when it will appear
5:20 PM Molly: yeah has she not said when the next one will be?
also yo did you feel like in this one
the whole erics maker thing
5:21 PM the pASSION with which sookie wants him dead
wasnt really well established
like she doesnt like the fact that someone has sway over eric
plus her blood bond was all confused because of it
but he didnt DO anything to make her hate him really
5:22 PM me: true
her sentiments were UNMOTIVATED, as the folks at VCFA would say LOL
5:23 PM Molly: hhaha yeah they are!
5:24 PM i also thought
the were stuff was a little boring this time around
like great sookie's on drugs - but besides that who cares abt another were gathering
5:25 PM i thought in gen she spent too much time on that, too much time wrapping up
and then she introduced such cool shit that she never followed through on - i guess she will next time
me: haha the drugs were great but yes
Molly: I liked the whole Bill /bill's sister thing i wish sookie had gone over to see them or we had seen some more of that
me: the were thing was way overdone
5:26 PM and I agree re: Bill's sister, that was really intriguing the way she lit up when she realized Lorena was a goner
Charlaine sure can spin a yarn
I just hope she's not suffering from JK Rowling/SMeyer "my editor won't touch my work cause I'm so famous" syndrome
Molly: hahaha yeah
5:27 PM hopefully shes saving it and next book everything will explode

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