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Friday, November 06, 2009

Question of the NaNoWriMo Weekend: What are you writing?

I'm not furiously writing a new novel this month--still revising the old one (yet again) and trying to come up with a new batch of freelance journalism pitches to take me through the holidays.

But what about you guys? I know I have some NaNoWriMoers in the audience, and I know that a lot of you are also working on personal writing projects, whether it's journals, blogs, theses, poetry or fiction. So here's your chance to tell us how your scribbling is going.

Good luck!

PS for those who haven't, I recommend joining the new social network for female writers, And be my friend!


  1. Hi Fellowette!

    How are you? I am doing some last minute reviewing on my first novel before it comes out for the Holidays (hopefully). It is book one of my Sci-Fi series, BUT I am also writing my forty-fifth novel about a female immortal who loses her powers because of her evil father. I have already written the entire plot - just need to expand the chapters... Multitasking is a habit of mine, LOL.

    Take Care :)

  2. This year, after past failure, I'm writing a theater play to hopefully submit for a fellowship next year. At the moment I'm starting to flounder but hopefully today I can catch back up.