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Friday, November 20, 2009

Literary Linkage GALORE

There's so much Twilight-mania it seems absurd to try to collect it in one place. Here are a few of my favorite recent literary links though.

Jacket Copy gives us a rundown on the National Book Awards.

Meanwhile mediabistro asks folks at the National Book Awards about sparkly vampires.

Comparing Twilight to Samuel Richardson's Pamela at The Millions

Romancing the Tome takes on a new book of Jane Austen essays.

DoubleX blog finds out where writers do their best writing, from the dark to the bathroom.

I was quoted as a guilty feminist Twilight-lover at the Washington Post.

The ladies of Jane Austen today have an awesome quiz linking the actors from S+S '95 to Harry Potter.

The Times o'London lists the best 100 books of the decade. An odd assortment.

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