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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Literary News Round-Up

h/t Zach: The Harvard Lampoon is following up their lame-oh LOTR parody "Bored of the Rings" with a new book-length Twilight satire, called "Nightlight." Could be funny--cover image has potential---but then again it comes out of Harvard. heh.

A Double X writer on the Death of Chick Lit as a category. Breezy-clumsy-funny heroines seeking love and fulfillment can no longer work high-powered jobs and live a life of fabulosity. Times have changed. Money is scarce. Etc. etc. (One thing that won't evolve, IMO?? Lighthearted books aimed at women will be taken un-seriously.)

The Lovely Bones Trailer
. I confess to loving the book and devouring it the summer it came out as well as later reading and liking Alice Sebold's graphic rape memoir, Lucky for the same reason--a combination of sublime and macabre. And of course I love Peter Jackson. So I'm psyched. Your thoughts?

The Guardian's "Not the Booker Prize" has moved on to its next stage with a long longlist and a request for judging.

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  1. The trailer for The Lovely Bones looks great - interesting casting, particularly Stanley Tucci - and I love how Jackson has handled the parts of "heaven" that we get to see. But I wonder how he'll handle that ridiculous ending.