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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kiera Knightley Snark-Tweetfest immortalized

I went a little wild on twitter earlier upon catching Kiera on Oxygen tv. Then some folks joined in! Here is (an abridged version of) what happened. People's response tweets are in bold.

The Kiera Knightley "Pride & Prejudice is on". Her stupid teeth/ lack of boobs ruin every hot Matthew MacFayden scene. unfeminist, but true.

what I meant by that is that her poor acting skills and girlish demeanor ill befit the character of Lizzy Bennet

eaton @fellowette Don't JUDGE me, Lizzy! Don't you dare JUDGE me!

@eaton Oh, Charlotte, let me make amends by anachronistically grinning and giggling, thereby showing you my white shiny movie star teeth!

stephaniesays @fellowette I never thought she had the "bright eyes," imo.

stephaniesays I know. It's too bad because I actually like Kiera and think she's gorgeous. She's just all kinds of wrong for the role.

kafkatronic @fellowette And then there's the bad wig, with her real (short) hair always poking out from under it in the back.

janeaustenworld @fellowette Agreed. Sh
e was an inept Lizzie.

@fellowette Can't stand Keira Knightley (incl stupid teeth/lack of boobs), so please: HAVE AT IT!

oh now here's the scene where mr./mrs. bennet snuggle in bed and joke CAUSE THEY REALLY HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE just as jane austen intended
and now Lady Catherine is showing up in the middle of the night! cause that makes lots of sense.

(no hate to Judi Dench intended, I worship you, dame Judi)

and now the movie turns into Jane Eyre. Having left the bigamist rochester, lizzy bennet wanders the misty moors in her nightclothes

only to espy a Gentleman shrouded by fog striding towards her! IS IT HE???????

And he tells her "Lizzy. I killed Rebecca. I HATED her!" and all is well

is it me or does Matthew MacFayden walk the equivalent of thousands of miles just by constantly, anxiously pacing throughout this film?

kafkatronic .@fellowette I have met ppl who actually think Jane Austen wrote the "I you" bit. Those ppl now sleep with the fishes...

Oh god. here comes "mrs darcy, mrs darcy mrs darcy" and the hairy calves/swimming pool ending.

teresareads Amen. RT @janeaustenworld @fellowette Absolutely HORRID American ending to P&P 2005. Mrs. Darcy. Mrs. Darcy. Mrs. Darcy. UGGH.

Last snark re: movie. Pemberley's supposed to be like Lizzy: natural, simple, unadorned. This pemberley is like MTV cribs: regency edition.

@teresareads @janeaustensworld @writemeg @kafkatronic @susanchamplin @eaton and @stephaniesays as well! thks 4 joining P&P live-snark. I <3 style="font-style: italic;">

THE END (thus saith the goddess divine on tuesdays, something else some other days, and of course Mrs. Darcy Mrs Darcy Mrs Darcy when she is in-can-descently happy!)


  1. I snark at the copy of P&P for pretty much the same reasons :D You caught me on the Rebecca reference tho. Perfect!

  2. Thank you. Just: thank you.

  3. Anonymous6:56 PM

    LOLOLOL!! Thank you. My thoughts exactly. And everyone wonders why I hate the Keira Knightley P&P so passionately. . .