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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

White House "Poetry Jam"

Yes, it's true. The White House is hosting a poetry jam-- a jam, not a slam, cause everyone wins in this one.

The performer’s list for the hip event includes James Earl Jones; poet Mayda Del Valle, novelist Michael Chabon, jazz musicians ELEW and Esperanza Spalding and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The poetry slam is actually an Obama campaign promise coming to fruition. Last year, Obama announced that he and First Lady Michelle Obama intended to bring poets and musicians into the White House to “open up the White House and remind people this is the people’s house.

Sigh. This is brilliant. Because who is going to be freaking about about DADT, torture, Afghanistan and the economy when they're staring into Chabon's hypnotic eyes? Certainly not Ayelet Waldman :)


  1. Love it- thanks for the post! :)

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  3. I started to respond, then decided to go check out this Maya del Valle person. Wooh-ee. I watched her recite "Elemental" on YouTube. The White House will be rocking that night.