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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Me as Sarah Palin

Those are my companions, Joe the Plumber and Russia, whom I can see from my doorstep.

doing my foreign policy hw so I can be ready next time Katie Couric tries to zing me.

Joe sure hates taxes!
(Ignore the sign behind him, we were at the house of some un-American folks. They were of the Hebrew persuasion, if you know what I mean.)

with my field-dressed moose at the Halloween Parade in Fake America, the bastion of the gotcha liberal media. You betcha!

Funny thang. There were 9 other Sarah Palins there, and 11 other Joes-the-plumbers! I also saw my daughter Bristol with my son-in-law Levi and my adorable disabled anti-choice prop son Trig.


  1. I hoped you winked a lot and blew kisses at the crowd.

    I went as Lizzie Borden.

  2. julia p7:22 PM

    I love the maverickyness of your guyses costumes...except that socialist guy with the furry hat.

  3. Ha! Have you heard Sarah getting punked on Canadian radio? Holy smoke - could she be any dumber???

  4. RMS says:

    MCcain would have have more of a vchance if you were his Sarah Palin!!

  5. Ha, I love the rainbow banner in the background!

  6. Nice! Rich and Annie went as Bristol and Levi! :)