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Friday, November 21, 2008

First Twilight Reviews

And by Cullen, I think they like it.
This is my favorite line from Dana Stevens' (who is always-worth-reading) review;
"As a life lesson for teenage girls, Twilight (excuse the pun) sucks. As a parable for the dark side of female desire, it's weirdly powerful."

UPDATE: Manohla Dargis is less amused. Quoth she:
"Faced with the partially clad Bella (who would bite if she could), Edward recoils from her like a distraught Victorian. Like Ms. Hardwicke, the poor boy has been defanged and almost entirely drained. He’s so lifeless, he might as well be dead — oops, he already is."
Previously: Feminist analysis of Twilight @ Huffpo, my review of Twilight.

Happy reading/watching.


  1. Simonnae7:27 AM

    Its simply funny . Yes I watch twilight my friends and I couldnt take it seriously we actually laughed at the things they were saying.

  2. Nice article, Sarah!