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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rebecca in 800 words

[Via the ladies at Bronteblog who manage to catch literally every single Bronte reference on the web, no matter how trivial, in their astute net of bloggage]

The Guardian has a feature called Digested Classic, which is basically a parody of a canonical novel. This week they target everyone's favorite sexy aristocracy-in-decline noir, Rebecca.

The two best excerpts (spoiler alert!)

"Oh Maxim," I answered. "I don't care if you killed your first wife. Anyone can make a silly mistake. Just kiss me hard and we can make it better."


"Oh darling," I said. "I always knew you were only a pretend wife-murderer. And look! Isn't that Manderley on fire? Silly Mrs Danvers. I told her not to read Jane Eyre."

Just goes to show you that Edward Cullen and Bella of the Twilight series weren't the first controlling-dude/ weak-lady couple to win the heart of women readers. Still, Daphne DuMaurier did it better.

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