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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yo, just finished reading this ill-ass novel

So back when I was a teacher-blogger and hooked in to that groovy scene, I chronicled an exciting event. On the train home from Boston, I sat next to and behind my favorite comedy troupe, The Lonely Island, who were hungover from a Lampoon party and drinking bloody marys and other fun stuff. This was in the heady days immediately after "The Chronic of Narnia" went totally viral.

But anyway, these guys also wrote "The Heist"--the song which is my blogger profile audio and whose lyrics are seen proudly displayed on my sidebar.

Anyway, my music-writer honey and I were at Joanna Newsom's BAM concert the other night, and I swear to you people, our seat were right behind these goofy dudes' AGAIN! It was awesomely coincidental. What the hell kinda chances are those?

Surely the patron saints of this blog are smiling.


  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    why does everybody make fun of my harp? it's just a harp, why not give it a chance?