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Friday, February 22, 2008

Venredi Soir

Good evening, reader-ville. Hope you all survived the great "mushy Nor'Easter of 2008" and have fun weekend/Oscar night!/3d installment of Colin-as-Darcy plans.

I'm going to see artsy-fartsy hip-hop stars The Roots later, at a storied theatrical venue in my new neighborhood, and starting the night off with takeout and bubble tea. Scrum.

It's been a crappy week--my 3-day weekend was spent with a particularly nasty fluish thing and I've spent a lot of the week just sleeping and walking zombie-like to my few obligations, trying to keep my weakened body together and not doing anything too productive. I've finally been discovering google reader, which is seriously awesome. Here's my "feed". I hope it helps you blogcrastinate!

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  1. flu meanie10:10 PM

    "fluish? funny, that - you don't LOOK fluish!"