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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Top Ten Reasons P&P '95 Rocks My World

1) Darcy at the window, (getting err, intrigued by eyes that are brightened by the exercise)!
2)Darcy in the bath!
3)Darcy pacing when he wonders why he is thus rejected with so little attempt at civility!
4)Darcy fencing and saying "I must Conquer this"!
5) Darcy's portrait serving as Lizzy's erotic transferral thingamabob!
6)Darcy in the lake!
7)Darcy's lightning-fast clothing-change.
8)Nice Darcy, after he changes clothes, suggesting that he can provide some rod and tackle.
9)Darcy arriving at Mrs. Younge's house in London and forcing the door open.

10) Jennifer Ehle's subtle, accurate, winning and pitch-perfect not Kiera Knightley-esque portrayal of one of the most complex, loveable and enduring heroines in literary history.*

*Actually number one.

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  1. Spot on! Darcy/Firth gets so much attention, but Ehle really deserves the highest praise. She feels so natural and makes it look so easy that I think she gets short shrift.