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Friday, February 15, 2008

Stuff and sundries.

So Rufus Wainwright's Radio City Valentine's Day performance made hearts (and vaginas, I suppose, given the date and the surprising number of females in the audience) very happy. The man is an entertainer par excellence. Between his outlandish costumes (glow in the dark suit! liederhosen! white robe! high heels, stockings, and blazer!) and a few amazing new songs and pyrotechnics, I was thoroughly impressed. Sean Lennon opened, and later the two dueted on across the universe, which was awesome because well, it was Sean, and Yoko was in the audience, and I enjoy Rufus' cover a lot, though not quite so much as Fiona Apple's. Also, this is now the third time I've seen Sean live, which is odd because that whole "thrice" category is usually reserved for my boys Bruce S. and Bob D, but whatever.

Radio city is just such a gorgeous, elegant venue and the audience was just amazingly well dressed--less fancy than original and creative--and that's one of my secretly favorite parts of going to concerts in the city.

On another note entirely, I have a new regular writing gig over at RH reality check writing about--what else?--images of women and reproduction in pop culture. Read my first column if you so desire.

Ciao for now. Happy President's day weekend!

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