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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Of Democrats, Sopranos and MTV Awards

What a night of TV, readers. It's a five-hour marathon of madness, between the Democratic debates, the second to last Sopranos episode, the crappy crap known as Entourage, and the MTV movie awards (Rihanna rocks!)

First things first: I enjoyed the debates, except for some mad boring interludes, and I have to say I was most impressed by HRC and Edwards (and Kucinich of course). Hillary was just calm and confident and smooth and I dunno, as a woman I just can't help but be proud to see the way she tangles with the big boys. Edwards' answers on the "bumper-sticker" slogan of the war on terror and healthcare were top-notch. Kucinich on the other hand, is just right on everything.

Now, on to the big show. There's not much one can say about this epsiode of The Sopranos except "holy sh*t," and not in a good way. As a good friend once said five minutes ago, it's like Act V of Macbeth, Hamlet or Lear when the Shakespearean shit hits the fan and the body count starts growing. Tony is all alone now, and it's both tragic and fateful. This wise person also pointed out that Tony's fate is irrelevant from here on in--his entrance into that dark room and laying down on the bed all alone signifies a death, his metaphorical death. Contrasted with the beginning of the episode when he was huddling confidently with Bobby and Silvio and sharing his concerns with them, it's quite stark.

Now, one of the reasons I am attributing much of the deep thoughts to someone else is because I spent a good part of the episode peering around the corner or running out of the room or covering my eyes or something like that. Despite my love for the show, I haven't become desensitized to its violence.

So, what's it gonna be for Tony? Everyone keeps saying death, prison, Feds, but I would add "mundane obscurity" or "diminished mob role" to the litany of possibilities, both of which would be tragic in their own way. Also, I think shit is definitely going down with AJ.

And as a coda, the massive male make-out sesson between Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen on the MTV awards made my week. It was super hot and hilarious. How ridiculous, then, that the question of gay rights is still on the table, politically speaking. Oh well.

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