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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Rupert Murdoch Darcy or Wickham?

And other reasons why AustenBlog rocks.

I think he's more like Lady Catherine, but hey.


  1. Wickham, clearly. Although that comparison isn't quite satisfactory given Wickham's only power is emotional manipulation, and Murdoch uses his money, power, fear, etc.

    So Wickham--if he had Darcy's money.

  2. For news about Austen, I always go to Austen Blog.

    Wickham's cowardly, dastardly, and squanders other peoples' money. Murdock might be dastardly, but he's anything but stupid or a squanderer.

    Where Wickham would spend, Murdock will collect. He supposedly will install an independent Board of Directors, and leave the WSJ alone. Hah!