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Monday, June 04, 2007


Since I've spent the morning "working" on the 6 billion freelance pieces I need to finish before I go to Scotland on Saturday (actually browsing Sopranos post-mortems and fiddling with my website) I have no time for a real post today... but here are some links farmed for your Egalitarian Bookworm persual pleasure.

Salon gets all condescendingly egalitarian and lists a buncha good summer reads. I've been wanting to snag the first one about Shakespeare for a while. But why must fun reads get consigned to the summer? I like a good thriller on a cold winter's night just as well, and enjoy tackling 19th century colossi on the beach.

Jeremy Sisto of Kidnapped and Waitress fame (aka the best psychopath ever) will be joining L&O and hopefully pump some life back into the franchise. Holla!
But who's the brilliant pop-blogger who chronicles this exciting development?

The amazingly wonderful ladies at the Hathor Legacy discuss Maid Marian on the new BBC Robin Hood. Olivia de Haviland was my favorite film Marian, but I haven't seen this awesome series yet so I can't say if she gets a run for her money.
Also, Marian is a very special character to me because a) she's kick-ass b) she cross-dresses in most versions of the legend and c) it's my bloody middle name.

Enjoy your rainy Mondays, readers o' mine. A plus tard.

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