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Friday, March 09, 2007

Holla-ing at you

Fellow-ette's been mad busy yo. I have three jobs now and three other lesser freelancing gigs (which means SIX bosses when it comes down to it--rather intense) and have been gallivanting about a bit--cold Boston, sunny San Fran. Also, one of my new thingies is writing for a soon-to-be-annoucned other thingy publication, which means perusing tons of blogs and articles and writing snappy thingies about them. Which kind of drains some of my energy that might otherwise be directed into my own vanity bloggin'.

Also, I've discovered Bloglines, the best invention ever. And let's be honest; I'd rather spend my time reading Feministing, Ms. Snark, Pandagon and Kos than writing my own cogent analysis. This truth may or may not amount to some sort of signifier of my personal shortcomings, but whatever. These people are serious fucking bloggers yo. And they've essentially replaced the MSM (that's mainstream media, see how much I've learned) for me, because the New York Times' politcial coverage sort of majorly SUCKS these days.

But also, good shit is slowly happening in my actual book-reviewing: I had my first book review published in a national glossy (yay! it was a very indie glossy but still cool) and I have an upcoming gig reviewing fiction for like, one of the the major publications that reviews fiction before it is actually released. THINK OF THE POWER I SHALL HAVE. But no worries readers dear, I shall use it wisely, for someday my crappy debut novel will be in the hands of someone just like me. It will kind of be like me reviewing me, which probably doesn't happen enough at the moment. Hoo-hah.

Also, I've bought myself not one, but TWO pairs of new, trendier, Crocs. Which may be the best news of all. Anyone whose tootsies have suffered through a hot NYC summer knows what I'm talkin' bout. Never tell me comfort isn't cool.

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