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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idolatry

I got home from a tasty Mexican dinner in midtown with my boo, leaving him to fun at the Bowery Ballroom while I work the "late shift" at a website-in-development I'm working at. In order to troll for a bit of color for said website, I searched for the American Idol results. But they weren't there yet? I then realized that there were only five minutes left to the broadcast and I could see them real time. Simon called it; "curly" got the boot. I think Chris Sligh was totally shocked. Oh, well, he went to sexist-racist Bob Jones U, so I'm not crying a river, 'zactly.

So readers dear, I've been shamefully negelctful of ye of late. This week was supposed to be my "blog'n'jog" week because a lot of my tutees are out of town, but I've ended up with so much freelance work that it's been work'n'stress week instead. Sadness.

However, my favorite and only brother is back from Scotland to look at law schools (he got into, like, all of them) and celebrate Freedom! on Passover, so that's been a ray of sunshine, as has been the weather. Spring really has a huge psychological effect on a persion, doesn't it? I find that I don't need as much sleep or food just because of the change in light, and I feel embarassingly optimistic. We really are just creatures crawling about, affected by the earth's changes, methinks at times.

As for literaryish stuff, we finished watching the hysterical, manic Tom Jones, and adored it, and I've been reading a couple of interesting galleys for my various reviewing/interviewing gigs but nothing myself. I may read the Road now that Oprah's picked it.

I'm also thinking of bringing Daniel Deronda on my family ski trip next week but it's daunting. I used to love George Eliot more than any other author, but recently I've found her underlying seriousness sort of a drain. Still, I ought to give it a chance, particularly since it's totally pro-Jew, which is awesome.

Oh and Also, one of my three or four fave mags and the only Conde Nast mag I read (except for occasional dips into the talk of the town) Jane, got a "serious" makeover. I liked in in theory, but there were so many little bubbles saying "buy this product to be happy" that I was sort of disheartened. Still, if they're really de-bimbofying the magazine, I'm all for it, because I'm rather enamored of its snarky "yo go girl" tone and over-use of puns.

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